CCTV Security Surveillance System

With the advancement of technology in the area of crime detection and monitoring, the need for CCTV applications has become undeniable, which is why we are introducing the Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) as a tool in tracking crimes and monitoring movement in public places and private companies. The technology is simple to use and enables the management/organization to view, monitor, reduce and manage situational crimes. With our comprehensive and fully customized reports, the utilization of this system is made easy. We also providing wireless solution that transmit a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver.

Providing users the ease and comfort in monitoring and improving security level where ever they are. A system that can be upgraded as technologies enhanced. Our CCTV system comprises of a DVR system or a DVR card for the PC based system. Our DVR’s supports blackberry phones, android phones and iphones

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For the cameras and Digital Video Recorder (DVR), PS Tech has come up with our own brand. By self-brand cameras and DVR we want are confident of competing and to ensure that the company grow with the market.

Our DVR range comes in 4 channels, 8 channels and 16 channels And our DVR Card for PC comes in 16 and 32 channels. All with Network capability that will enable the CCTV system to be monitored from a remote location via the internet.


IR Dome CCTV Camera

IR Bullet CCTV Camera

CCTV IP Camera

Other CCTV Camera

Digital Video Recorder